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Testimony for HCWC

I have known Amy Firlotte for about a year now, with her providing our family with dementia health care for my father. My father is 93 years old and has vascular-mixed Dementia, and has had many visits to the hospital last year for C-deficil. He needs daily cognitive stimulation and also personal health care. The help that Amy has given our family is unmeasurable. She has given Dad much love and attention and has provided myself and my husband the respite we need from caring for his daily needs. As we both work, our lives have been busy revolving around his care and maintaining our family life, self-care and work. Amy has provided help with Dad’s care in so many ways, involving him with daily chores, companionship, exercise and caregiving. Right now, as I attend some of the Alzheimer’s Society workshops, Amy has been here to help care for Dad as I attend these workshops. I know, I cannot do all these without her care. Home care has been invaluable to myself and to my family and will highly recommend Home Care Workers Cooperative.