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Laura Bierema


Hello, my name is Laura.

I am a Widow, Mother, and Grandmother a gardener, and pet Mom. These are all things that I feel make me relatable, and understanding. I have worked in the helping field for the majority of my career. I started working in group homes for developmentally delayed adults. I moved from there and became a Education Assistant working with children for 15 yrs.

Through out my career, I have always been in a position of looking after and helping people in daily living, as well as supporting others to achieve their goals. I am always mindful when caring for others that I could just as easily be the person needing care; this inspires me to care for others, as I would expected to be cared for myself. When people ask me if I like working as a PSW, my reply always is that “it is the best job I have ever had”. This job has allowed me to meet many interesting people, all who share their stories with me, and their perspectives on the world we live together in. I care about my clients, and do all that I can to make them feel comfortable, safe, and well cared for.

Homecare workers coop teammember profile image